Chaos' Reach

Heading to Amarth, Part One

Starting stats: All players alive. Party Alignment mostly neutral good (exception: LN wizard, CN something). Players attempting to reach town of Amarch to solve mystery of Purple Gems which attempt to take control of people.

Party hired selves out to caravan to make the journey in. Estimated time was 5 days during which they would have to protect the caravan from robbers and dangers. At the end, the caravan team was willing to give a reward (50gp each) as well as spread word along the grapevine as to their abilities one way or another.

First day passed mostly uneventfully. When night fell, the PCs took turns keeping watch. A couple hours in, they noticed some thieves attempting to make their way to camp and engaged in combat. After combat, they got ready to go to sleep and someone attempted to crawl into the caravan’s back to sleep…just to get a dagger to the face of a thief who managed to sneak in successfully. Combat was started again and the troglodyte spellfire user attempted to take out the thief with a fireball…and missed. The rest of the party took down the thief just in time to see the caravan go up in flames as the spellfire hit a crate containing alchemist fire. The CG Troglodyte then looted the caravan while the other Good characters all just watched and even requested some items. The party then fled, leaving the caravan still burning in the middle of the forest and not even bothering to think about saving the owners.

All good characters got an alignment shift of neutral. Oh, and they burned down part of the forest.

Forest of Amarth



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