Chaos' Reach

Third Session

Group reaches Amarth and starts gathering information

The party quickly detours to a nearby temple to Pelor with clerics able to cast the Atone spell. In return, the party must distribute healing supplies and use their healing abilities for a day in town to restore themselves to the proper alignment.

The party then goes about gathering information on the chaos cult, discovering that there has been an increased number of ogres, and a good portion of them have been found with gems similar to those found before. The party gets the location of the ogre hideout and proceeds.

On the way, some of the party members start hearing a voice talking to them, who tries to convince them that the gems are just misunderstood. They encounter a woman claiming to be an explorer, or a treasure hunter. While talking to her, 2 Vrocks appear behind the party and the woman flees while the party remains to fight. The Vrocks summon a third and begin dancing around in a circle. After three rounds in which the party is unable to halt this dance, a burst of energy crackles forth, slaying the dragon shaman and spellfire user outright and severely injuring the rest of the party. The Vrocks then disappear. The remaining members of the party flee back to town to heal up and seek new party members, a parrier and a dusk blade.

The next day, they head out to the caves and once more encounter the woman. This time nothing happens and they part ways. At the caves, they encounter Howlers guarding the outside, which are dispatched in short order. The party finds a secret alcove containing treasure and then goes inside the cave. Within, the party encounters Ogres, which are dispatched in short order and find another treasure room. While in the room, they hear footsteps and prepare an ambush. Unfortunately, this time around it is Ogre Mages, who were unaffected by the ambush’s starting spell and created a situation wherein the dusk blade was killed. They then went invisible and the rest of the party fled back to town.

The next day, the party recruits another dusk blade and attempts to make it to the caves again. This time, they encounter the woman again, and while talking to her, some of the party starts hearing the voice again. The party rushes the woman, who disappears and is replaced by a Vrock. This Vrock summons a bunch of Dretches, who surround the party and proceeds to kill the parrier. The wizards pelt the demons with fireballs, magic missiles, and sonic bursts, while the cleric summons a weapon. The demons are killed with no further casualties and the party rests.

Forest of Amarth
Ogre Chaos Cave

Lady Treasure Hunter




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